Grow-Op & Meth-Lab Testing

Former Marijuana grow operations and drug houses are common in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Many home buyers unknowingly purchase homes that were used as drug houses in the past and still contain drug residues, toxic mold or other contaminants. Landlords are often the victim of growers and require environmental testing before the house can be occupied again. ABM Environmental specializes in former marijuana grow-op and meth lab investigations, testing and cleaning. We can provide the information necessary for buyers, owners and residents of these buildings. All services are 100% confidential.

Grow-Op Inspections

You want to buy or move into a house you suspect may have been a marijuana grow operation? You want peace of mind your new house is safe?
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Grow-Op Environmental Testing

Has the City revoked the occupancy permit of your house? Do you need a clearance certificate for a mortgage?
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Grow House Cleaning

Do you own a home or building that was used as a marijuana grow operation? Does the City require professional cleaning or certified mold remediation?
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Meth-Lab Inspections

You want to buy or move into a house you suspect may have been a clandestine meth lab? Are there red flags of drug activity?
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Meth-Lab Testing

A property you own was boarded up due to a tenant operating a meth lab. You want to move into a new house that was a former drug house.
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Meth-Lab Cleaning

The City has shutdown a building due to a suspected Meth Lab. You need the building cleaned up and safe for occupancy again.
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