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ABM Environmental specializes in safe and permanent solutions to resolve mold problems in Metro Vancouver attics. It all starts with a proper and comprehensive evaluation of the problem. Often the causes of attic mold in Metro Vancouver are improperly diagnosed. Frequently proper procedures and products are not used to clean the attic mold and the problem returns after remediation is complete. ABM Environmental provides both a comprehensive attic assessment for mold, moisture and ventilation that pin points the root cause of the mold growth so the cause can be addressed. We also provide permanent attic mold remediation services to ensure the project is done right the first time and mold growth will not return.

Assessing the Causes of Mold in Attics

In most cases it is easy to see if there is mold growth in an attic. Discoloration of the wood sheathing is usually visible indicating mold growth. Causes of attic mold growth can be more complex and require expert evaluation. There are many factors that have to be considered. ABM Environmental specializes in the finding the root causes of attic mold. There can be several causes of mold growth in a particular attic. Poor or unbalanced ventilation, air leakage from living areas into the attic space, ventilation that causes negative pressure in the attic, roof leaks, and improperly vented bathroom, kitchen, and dryer exhaust ducts are common causes of attic mold. As part of an evaluation ABM Environmental can check moisture content in the attic roof sheathing and trusses, check for potential roof leaks using thermal imaging, measure temperature of the sheathing to calculate dew point, measure relative humidity levels in the attic, evaluate insulation and vapour barrier placement, check fan exhaust duct outlets, assess roof top vent type and open area, assess soffit vent open area and evaluate the ventilation system to confirm it is balanced and functioning properly.

Attic Mold Remediation

After the causes of the mold growth are assessed and addressed, remediation includes cleaning the mold growth and providing permanent protection to help prevent mold from returning. Specialized coatings and penetrants are often applied to building materials to prevent mold regrowth in areas that are susceptible to mold growth such as the attic sheathing. Out coatings use silver ions that are a safe and natural antimicrobial that permanently prevent mold regrowth. We do not use toxic chemicals and building occupants do not have to leave the home while the work is being completed. In most cases the mold remediation in an attic can be completed within one day.

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